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“The world of music is beautiful and inexhaustible! The journey there is endless and magical!” – being the artistic credo of a composer Vladimir Titov.

The expressive language and musical style of Vladimir Titov is a unique combination of romantic imagery, sophisticated and colorful sound palette of impressionism and spicy impulsive vibrations of jazz. Possessing efficient academic education, he is well at balancing between such various esthetic and stylistic models, synthesizing them into his own sound substance. Herein the Vladimir Titov’s music certainly possesses its own graceful and unique individuality.

Original text: Alla Vinogradova-Cherniayeva, Ph.D,
composer, member of the Composers’ Union of Russia,
professor at Theory and History of Music Faculty
at Samara State Institution of Culture.

Alexander Muravyev Symphonic poem “Bogatyr Fairy Tale” for obligate double bass and orchestra /partitura, contrabasso solo/

“I met Alexander Muravyev for the first time at the “Koussevitzky Competition” in 2016 in St. Petersburg. It was the first time I heard his music , which was one of the obligatory pieces for the competition candidates. His music did immediately fascinate me , the charme , the colors and the musical language he was using. He has a great knowledge of the bass technic , with modern effects and jazz rhythms , that make his pieces very interesting and modern.

With the occasion of our friendships, I had the idea to order to him a Symphonic work for double bass and orchestra. He composed the “Bogatyr Fair-tales” in 2017 and its first world performance was on the 21st of October 2017 in Moscow, at the Gnessin Academy Of Music.

The piece was a huge success and it was a great pleasure for me to play it! Alexander is a great talent and I hope that as a composer he will have more and more success in the future.”

Petru Iuga

Soloist, double bass player-virtuoso,
professor at the University of Music
and Arts in Mannheim, Germany.

Dmitry Bulkin was born on 30 December 1971 in Moscow. Dmitry graduated from Gnesin’s music college, then Saint-Petersburg conservatory and finally finished his education in high school of music in Detmold, Germany.

Dmitry Bulkin successfully took part in different international competitions. He worked as a soloist in different orchestras in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and Koln (Germany).

Since 2011 he became an artist of Moscow State Philharmonic and soloist of baroque ensemble “Madrigal”. Dmitry Bulkin regularly organizes concerts and festivals in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Kostroma and other cities.

In 2010 Dmitry created brass ensemble “Music-brass” in Moscow Philharmonic.

Dear friends and colleagues!

This is compilation of few small and very character pieces, which has written for musicians, who are really professional musicians and could masterly playing trombone. Despite the fact that melodies of this pieces are very simple, i would highly recommend them to masters and students of professional conservatories.

You could find images not only animals but also individuals. It could be performs even on serious concerts and recitals.

This compilation will increase, because of such a broad theme.

I would appreciate for your desires and critique at that address:

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